Osteria della Luna
Le ricette di Mara

Osteria della Luna - Mara's receipts

OSTERIA DELLA LUNA, typical italian Tavern and restaurant from Pontremoli,

borned by healthfull crazyness of Mara and Luigi that move themselves to Pontremoli after years of various experiences.

A chef and a "rezdora" (a way to call a woman that cook healty and very good) work togheter to create a non new, nor difference, no losing times cooking; but a simple cooking, respectful for ingredients,  times, true and forgotten tastes: the affections cuisine.

You could eat many differents dishes, all hand made, iin a warm atmosphere of joyness.

Mara e Luigi welcome your with a smile, in a lovely way, in their home, with celebrations prepared tables ,where everyone will be a very special guest.